The quest to learn French in France

3 iulie 2010

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Since my childhood, I had a deep quest to Learn French France. My desire to learn French in france used to remain a distant dream till I came to know about ESL. One of my closest friends told me about ESL, how ESL takes pain to ensure a hassle-free language course in some of the key European countries such as France or Germany. And he was absolutely right. I also inquired about ESL. After surfing their website, I was doubly sure that it was the institute I was waiting for so long to quell my desire.

I got a rare opportunity to learn French in France, the country, the land that always fascinated me a lot. Ever since I read about the French Revolution and its deep imprint on world civilization, I was keen to visit the country, I wanted to imbue the spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity that embodied the civilization in the post revolution era.

I went for a two-month-long course at French school Lyon. If I start describing my days in Lyon, where I joined for my course, it would be a long book. To put it simple, I spent some incredible time there. It was rl At ESL, one can join short term language courses. These courses are particularly designed to suit the specific needs of non-French speaking international students/participants. I managed to Learn French in France and today I feel quite at home in this beautiful language. The French school in Nice was the very attractive one. It was an ideal option to learn French in Nice. I also had the privilege to take a French course in Nice.

While in France, we visited some other cool places such as Paris. I also went to Switzerland, which is not far away from Paris and thus was fulfilled one of the longest dreams. The pristine beauty of spectacular Switzerland left me spellbound. I was reading so many fairy tales about this marvelous place. But the country is even more beautiful than it is projected in literature.

There are also some German schools in Switzerland. I visited the beautiful ESL school at Montreux, on the banks of the beautiful Lake Geneva. Spectacular promenade attracts tourists from across the globe. The school gives the onlooker a rare view of the magnificent snow-capped Alps. The Geneva Lake also looks stunning from the school. I also got the opportunity to enjoy the charm of summer camps Switzerland.

Those fond memories still make me hark back to my past. Fond memories are a source of inspiration to move on. My quest for learning French France was satisfied. My dream of spending one night in the spectacular Switzerland came alive. I shall remember every moment of my time in France and Switzerland for long time to come.

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