31 iulie 2010

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Summer camps could be the best way to learn a new language as such camps always comprises of many other activities other than the main learning thus making the learning process interesting and easier. ESL offers such summer camps in Germany where one could learn the German language. The language is spoken mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is one of the major languages in the world. A large population speaks the language throughout the world. It is spoken by nearly 105 million native speakers and around 80 million non-native speakers around the world. Thus it is always advantageous to learn a language, which is so widely spoken.

Summer camps in Germany would be a wonderful experience for your children as it is located in a very beautiful place and is equipped with every modern facility. The centre school in Germany is located in Westerwald, which is a house of many interesting folk tales passing from one generation to another. The centre has classrooms, computer room with Internet access, a bowling alley, swimming pool and outdoor and indoor sport courts. The students can also visit the nearby Bonn or Cologne and enjoy the recreational activities held in these places. The centre has Internet access as well which helps the students keep in constant contact with their parents.

Apart from summer camps in Germany, ESL also has German schools in Switzerland, which provides German course Switzerland. Switzerland is a very beautiful place and German is one of the major languages of the country. German, French, Italian and Romansh are the four national languages of Switzerland. 64% of the population speak in this language and in fact, is the only official language in 17 Swiss cantons. German course Switzerland can be obtained in the beautiful places of Zug, Montreux-Riviera, Ascona and Leysin. All the schools are equipped with all the latest facilities and apart from teaching the language they also takes care of the overall development of the children. The children are kept 24 hours under supervision and makes sure that they are secure and happy. ESL conducts their language courses in such locations where the children can learn much from the surroundings as well.

Summer camps are always meant to be beneficial to the development of a child as he gets to learn a lot of new things amidst a new environment away from home and school. One also gets to make new Acquaintances, which broadens the mindset of a child as he gets to learn about new cultures as well.

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