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11 ianuarie 2011

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For every ambitions person, who wants to carve a niche for him/herself, here comes ESL with a comprehensive package of innovative courses. If you are serious about learning a foreign language go for French , one of the most dynamic and richest languages in contemporary world. You can learn French in Lyon . For this you need to join any of the French schools Lyon. You won’t have to face any problem in selecting the best from a list of French schools in Lyon, as ESL will help you join the best one. These courses for the non-French-speaking are specially designed to meet the specific needs of such persons and other international participants. The school in Lyon is for adults. These courses offered by ESL are both challenging and motivating so that the learners can quickly master the language. Courses are designed by experts who know how these could be imparted to the participants.

If you decide to learn French Lyon, you are indeed making a wise decision. The ESL centre at Lyon is located on a peninsula surrounded by two rivers. It is on the bank of the Rhone river and the picturesque location mesmerizes everyone. The centre is inside a spectacular 19th-century building.

The ESL school has 7 spacious, bright classrooms with each classroom boasts of its own fireplace. You will be provided with wifi service so that you can access your e-mail and surf internet free of charge. The centre is at a stone’s throw away from Lyons largest city square, the Place Bellecour. And you can relax here whenever your class gets over. The city square is in fact a favourite hang out for persons.

The city’s popular pedestrian shopping zones are also located near the course centre. Moreover, a metro station and a bus stop are just 5 minutes walk from the school. You may learn French in Lyon, the city of light. Lyon is a cosmopolitan university city; a vibrant city of art and culture, a city with a glorious history, and above all the capital of French gastronomy and contemporary dance. A moving city, Lyon epitomizes the true spirit of the French personality, its civilisation. Lyon is the second largest city in terms of population in France. Lyon lures you by its high-quality culture, its prime selection of eateries.

You may also opt for joining some of the coolest summer camps in Lyon. You will have a good time in these summer camps and once you are back from these summer camps in Lyon, the fond memories of these summer camps will linger on and on. These summer camps provide a rare opportunity for the persons to learn the language course in a breathtaking place. Most of the summer camps are located in panoramic places.

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